friyay .... so fun!

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I LOVE the weekend! Hellooooo FRIYAY!!!!!

There are so many possibilities for weekend fun.

Skiing, swimming, THE BEACH, brunch, fireworks, and sleep. omg. Who doesn't need more sleep? I love the weekend.

This weekend I think I will go for coffee, after sleeping in … of course! And maybe I'll even pick up a pastry! Or two….

Although this weekend dim sum also sounds super appealing! I love to go to the Silver Dragon where they have the carts that travel table side, and you can choose the pieces you'd like. Although… it is rather… Caucasian, I do prefer the shrimp dumplings (har gow?), and the BBQ pork dumplings (char siu?). But if you've never had the sauteed pea shoots, it's a must!

Other weekend activities… hmmmm some time on Youtube for sure. Probably check out Netflix. I definitely don't want to spend the weekend cleaning the house, but hey, sometimes you just gotta.

The other best part of the weekend? NO WORK! lol.

Although a long weekend is also a fantastically wonderful thing! The extra day is definitely a bonus and nice to be able to spend more quality time with friends or with family. It is also a great time for a nearby getaway such as heading to another town or even a cabin or camping can be fun too!

The only problem with weekends…. the END of the weekend I mean holy stressful! Mondays can really be difficult and such a shock to the system when you just spent so much time having fun. Well, it would be nice to have a permanent weekend or at least a little bit more flexibility in the every day routine so it didn't become so mundane.

Oh friyay…. why are you SO far away?!

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