friyay .... so fun!

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friyay fun - 06 Dec 2017 18:47


Things I do on Fridays:
1. wait for work to end
2. countdown the seconds
3. make plans for the weekend
4. leave work as fast as possible
5. go out for dinner
6. stay up late
7. sleep-in on Saturday…. - Comments: 0

I LOVE the weekend! Hellooooo FRIYAY!!!!!

There are so many possibilities for weekend fun.

Skiing, swimming, THE BEACH, brunch, fireworks, and sleep. omg. Who doesn't need more sleep? I love the weekend.

This weekend I think I will go for coffee, after sleeping in … of course! And maybe I'll even pick up a pastry! Or two….

Although this weekend dim sum also sounds super appealing! I love to go to the Silver Dragon where they have the carts that travel table side, and you can choose the pieces you'd like. Although… it is rather… Caucasian, I do prefer the shrimp dumplings (har gow?), and the BBQ pork dumplings (char siu?). But if you've never had the sauteed pea shoots, it's a must!

Other weekend activities… hmmmm some time on Youtube for sure. Probably check out Netflix. I definitely don't want to spend the weekend cleaning the house, but hey, sometimes you just gotta.

The other best part of the weekend? NO WORK! lol.

Although a long weekend is also a fantastically wonderful thing! The extra day is definitely a bonus and nice to be able to spend more quality time with friends or with family. It is also a great time for a nearby getaway such as heading to another town or even a cabin or camping can be fun too!

The only problem with weekends…. the END of the weekend I mean holy stressful! Mondays can really be difficult and such a shock to the system when you just spent so much time having fun. Well, it would be nice to have a permanent weekend or at least a little bit more flexibility in the every day routine so it didn't become so mundane.

Oh friyay…. why are you SO far away?!

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